The Infinite God

In the October 3 blog, I wrote about the topic discussed at the UCCW September Prayer and Praise Gathering – Who is the God you Pray to? Where is the God you pray to? Reviewing the Three Faces of God chapter from the book Integral Christianity by Paul R. Smith, we discussed the infinite God, the intimate God and the Inner God. Today, I will share how I experience the infinite God. I will share the other two faces in future blogs.

The dictionary defines infinite as having no limits. I also think of God as having no limits. God always existed. It is hard to comprehend something as always existing. This places God in another dimension. This places God outside of time as I understand it. I see things from my perspective. My perspective can be very limited based upon my experiences and biases. My perspective will also change over time based upon my life events.

Because God always existed, He has a much larger perspective. I cannot comprehend His perspective. He has an infinite perspective. This means He sees things from all perspectives. If I had all perspectives, I would probably make much better daily decisions. This means that I should pray to the infinite God who has all perspectives. He can help me to make the best decision, even if it means to wait a little bit longer before I take any action. It is very comforting to know I have an infinite God’s wisdom to tap into who will share His infinite perspective with me.

I see God as being in the universe and the universe being in God. God is everywhere. I cannot go anywhere where God is not. This is actually very comforting. I realize that no matter how lonely I might feel, I am never alone. He is with me even if I forget it. I can take a walk in the woods and He is there. I can look at the night stars and He is there. I can walk along the beach and He is there. I can nervously be awaiting test results from a doctor and He is there. I can be facing very difficult life situations and He is there.

I also see the infinite God as the creator of the universe. When I see the ocean, I see God. When I see the mountains, I see God. When I see the night sky and stars, I see God. When I visit other towns, cities, states, countries, I see God. There is an infinite amount of things to see that the infinite God has created. I have an infinite amount of experiences to encounter in my life. That makes life very exciting.

The infinite God reveals to me perspectives that I alone will never consider. The infinite God shows me the beauty of His creation. I look forward to spending the rest of my life experiencing His perspectives. I look forward to spending the rest of my life seeing the beauty of His creation.

I suppose there is an infinite amount of things that the infinite God can share with me. I will stop with these two for now.

My next blog will share how I experience the intimate God.

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