I Am


Who are you?

I am my body. I am fat. I am thin. I am short. I am tall. I am athletic. I am attractive. I am ugly. I am clumsy. Is this who you really are?

I am my thoughts. I am analytical. I am methodical. I am spontaneous. I am stupid. I am artistic. I am a deep thinker. I am musical. I am a writer. I am a planner. I am an administrator. I am mechanical. I am technical. I am not confident. I am my nationality. I am my community. I am a leader. I am a follower. Is this who you really are?

I am my experience of life up to this point. I am a parent. I am my job. I am a mess. I am single. I am married. I am divorced. I wish my life was different. I am not happy. I love my life. I am bored.

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I am. What do you mean I am? I am more than my body, more than my thoughts, more than my experiences. I am alive. I am. That is it. God said I am who I am. Jesus said I am. Why can’t I be just I am. I am a human being. I express my humanity by loving God, myself and others, being all that I can be and living my life to the full.

Why can’t I just enjoy being a human BEING. I don’t need to define myself as my body or my thoughts or my experiences. I just am I am and I am going to enjoy and relish this existence of BEING that God has given me.

Jesus said we need to lose ourselves to find it. I choose to lose all of these other identities and just be I am.

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