Contemplation does not make our problems disappear. But it does help us to find a mindful, gentle way to be present to life’s challenges.
Carl McColman

My problems are not the thoughts and feelings that I give to them. These thoughts and feelings might be fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, depression or courage, peace, love, contentment, joy. What really are all of these thoughts and feelings? They are nothing more than my positive or negative emotions I think or feel regarding my experiences.

Here is where contemplation comes in. The dictionary defines contemplation as a state of mystical awareness of God’s being, full or deep consideration, reflection. As I reflect and become more aware of God’s loving presence, I find I am able to separate these thoughts and feelings from my experience. Yes, I still feel them but I can set them aside and recognize them for what they are, only thoughts and feelings. Now I find that I am simply present with my life’s challenges. I can now choose which positive thoughts and feelings that I want to give to these experiences and let them stick. How wonderful and marvelous this is!

What positive thoughts and emotions will you choose?

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