Who Are You?


The unexamined life is not worth living.

Who are you?

For me, I am a child of God. Nothing less. Nothing more.

I will admit that I often forget this. Sometimes I worry about what others will think about me and my actions. At work am I doing what the company wants me to do? At home am I doing what my wife or children want me to do? When I am with my parents, am I making them proud? Yes even though I am a grown man, they are still my parents and I have these thoughts.

Who am I? I am a child of God. That is it. Nothing more. Nothing less. What does this mean? For me this means freedom. This means I am not others thoughts. This means I am even not my thoughts. I just am. How freeing! I am now free to let God fill me. I am now free to let life come to me so I can fully experience it.

Who are you?

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