What Do You Think?


We think we are our thinking, and we even take that thinking as utterly “true” which removes us at least two steps from reality itself. Richard Rohr

What is reality? How do we experience reality?

I propose it is ok to think. It is also ok to think our thinking is ok. During contemplation we think. We ponder. We mull things over. We pray. We do this alone. We do this in community with others. This helps us to make sense of what our reality is right now. And what this present reality means to us.

It is also ok to revisit our thinking and what we think about our thinking. When we do this, yesterday’s reality evolves and becomes today’s new reality. For example, yesterday, we had a problem that just seemed so unsolvable. Today, we think and we think about our thinking and we solve our problem. We now have a new reality.

Yes, we do want to experience reality. We also do not want our thoughts getting in the way of experiencing reality. However, sometimes the best way to do this is to think and to think about our thinking. This will allow us to see the reality that we might otherwise have missed that was always there the whole time.

What do you think?

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