Smiles, Greetings and Connecting


Once a week I work from home. My favorite part of the day is driving my 5 year old son to kindergarten.

Driving to school, we listen to his favorite songs on cd. When we get there, we park and walk toward the cafeteria entrance. We hold hands. I pretend to squeeze his hand real hard. He returns the favor. We do this a few more times as we walk. He laughs. As we get closer to the school entrance, many teachers are standing outside greeting the kids. Josh is a flirt. He looks at each teacher along the way. He waits for them to say hi and smile. He smiles back and then keeps walking with me, hand in hand. We don’t move on till he has said hi and smiled at each teacher.

Right before we walk into the cafeteria entrance, there is one more teacher waiting. She calls his name. He smiles and looks at her. We enter the cafeteria. I put the book bag on his back. We say goodbye and I leave.

This is truly the best few minutes of each week. Simple smiles. Simple hellos. Teachers and students connecting. Josh and I connecting.

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