Saturday at Starbucks Again


Last week my daughter and I went to Starbucks. I shared this experience in my blog last week. Well, my daughter and I went again this week. Here are my people watching observations.

The woman to my right is typing an email. She is smiling and chuckling to herself.

Two children are sitting at the high rise at the window facing the outside. They are laughing and having a blast. It is a little boy and his older sister.

A couple is having a very deep discussion. They are sitting eye to eye and their faces are about a foot apart.

Two women are having a very serious talk. They are using their arms as they speak. One of them is possibly angry as she looks pretty serious and seems to be violently using her arms to convey her message.

There is a surge of customers. At least eight are now done ordering and waiting for the barista to make their coffee drinks. None of them are staying. They are taking their coffee to go. They don’t have time to sit and chat.

Last week people were mainly using their phones, iPads and laptops. Today is different. People are talking. People are sharing stories with each other. People are laughing and having fun.

So what does all of this mean? It is life. We need to talk to each other. Sometimes we just need to laugh and spend time together. Sometimes we need to share life’s worries and concerns with a trusted friend. Sometimes we need to safely release our anger so we don’t explode at the wrong time in the wrong manner.

Now imagine what it might be like for someone who needs to laugh, share or release anger but has no one to do this with. No one deserves to be alone and lonely.

Be a trusted friend.

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