Play, Laugh, Relax……Be Present


We took our daughter (12) and son (5) to Sesame Place this past Sunday. It is an amusement park for children. It was all lit up with an incredible Holiday display of lights on all the trees, buildings and rides. It was truly a beautiful sight. That was one of my favorite parts of our evening there. The picture you see is one of the trees.

However, my favorite part of this evening was the slide.

There was a large slide that went up three stories. The kids needed to walk up steps to get to the top. There were two slides fully enclosed in a tunnel next to each other. Two kids at a time could slide down. The parents stood at the bottom awaiting their kids shooting out of the enclosed tunnel.

It was hysterical to watch. The kids came through the tunnel head first like superman. The kids came through the tunnel sideways. The kids came through the tunnel on their back head first. Each kid came down in his or her own way. There was one thing each kid had in common. All of them were laughing. Each one of them immediately stood up and raced to the steps to go down again.

It made me realize that us adults need to have more fun, laugh a lot more and simply stop taking life so seriously.

If we want to learn to be more present just watch a kid.

So my marching order for us adults is:


Be present.

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