Experience God


For me, being present starts with being silent and watching.

On Christmas Eve, I sat at the head of the table. During part of the meal, I spoke not a word. I watched. I listened. I tasted. I smelled. I touched. I felt the love and excitement in the air. God is love. God is in the room.

I enjoyed watching my mother and two sisters engage in discussion with each other and with my wife and three children.

I watched my five year old son eat, stand up, race around the table, only to stop at his seat to take another mouthful of food before doing another lap. He was excited. He was thrilled to see his relatives. Something within him felt the love and excitement contained in the room. He too needed to express this love and excitement.

I listened to my twelve year old daughter tell stories about school. She shared stories about her favorite books and movies. She described a book that she has been writing on the computer in our office. She was excited to share her life with all at the table.

My sisters and I talked with our mother about our childhood. We remembered. We laughed about past memories. We shared stories.

Being present starts with silence and watching. I then gently move to a deep listening. And the deep listening slows me down to experience the present moment with the remainder of my five senses – smell, touch, taste. I then move beyond my five senses to an emotional and spiritual awareness. I feel the emotions in the air. I feel the presence of God – love, peace, joy.



Experience God.

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