God Loves You

I don’t force my kids to go to church with me. God is not just in church. God is everywhere. God can be experienced wherever you are. Last Sunday my daughter and I were going to church. My sixteen year old son surprised me by saying he too wanted to go. So off the three of us went to church.

During the prayer part, my son rose his hand and said, I have an unspoken prayer for our family. After the pastor had prayed, he concluded by letting the congregation call out names that all will sit in silence and pray for. My son called out every name in our family. He called out both set of grandparents. He called out his girlfriend and her whole family. A woman sitting near us nicely called out my son’s name.

I was really touched by his gesture. Something within him moved him to come to church this day. Something within him moved him to pray for family and friends. He allowed himself to accept this nudge and see where it took him.

Church is a community of people that supports each other. We love each other. We listen to each other. We help each other. We pray with and for each other. We hug each other. We strengthen each other. When one is down, we lift him up. We are a strong community with a strong bond. What is the source of this bond? The source is love. The source is God. God is love.

Open your heart to God. When God nudges, accept His nudge. Trust His nudge. Accept His love.

God loves you.

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