The Inner Voice


Don’t follow the advice of others; rather, learn to listen to the voice within yourself.

The following voices hit us from all directions.

Entertainment industry

How do we separate these voices and truly learn to listen to the voice within ourself?

How do we know our voice is truly our voice?

I will explore this question for me in a future post/s.

What do you think?


Here is my answer. At least my answer for now, as it may change in the near future. That is ok.

I release my thoughts and decisions to God. I wait. When I feel an inner peace regarding a decision, I know it is my inner voice.

When I am no longer feeling this inner peace, I release to God and again wait for the inner peace.

I fear change so I recognize that my inner peace has to be a true peace, not a calming of a fear which turns to regret. By this I mean a regret of not taking an action because I was afraid of an unknown future. I know I must be careful not to act on a false inner peace related to fear of change.

For now, this is how I know I am listening to my inner voice.

What do you think?

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