We are currently in Sydney. My wife, three children and I are sharing a hotel room. My children are varied in age. Ben is 16. Gabriella is 12. Joshua is 5.

I spent some time watching and listening while we were together in the room on the first day.

This is what I discovered.

We are all connected. It is as if we are one. We are five pieces connected together to form one unit. We function much better when we are all plugged into each other. It is perfect.

There is a strong bond. I cannot see it. I cannot describe it but I know it is there.

The air is full of love and joy.

There are spontaneous hugs.

There are naturally flowing words – I love you. These are being spoken when they need to be said.

We are smiling and there is laughter.

We joke around with each other. It is not malicious. It is fun. It is nice.

Excitement is in the air. We are together. What will we see next? Let’s simply enjoy our next excursion.

We are in awe and wonder. We know this is a once in a life time trip. How can we make it last? How can we simply enjoy it as much possible?

There is a calmness and inner peace. We are all together. That is all that really matters.

We are family.

Thank you God for our family!

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