Love Is An Action


“Jesus is the Hungry — to be fed. Jesus is the Thirsty — to be satiated. Jesus is the Naked — to be clothed. Jesus is the Homeless — to be taken in. Jesus is the Lonely — to be loved. Jesus is the Unwanted — to be wanted.”

– Mother Teresa

There is work to be done. Jesus wants us to have a loving relationship with God. Jesus wants us to have a loving relationship with others.

It is easy to love those we know. What about those we do not know – hungry, thirsty, naked, homeless, lonely, unwanted?

How do we love them?

We can make a choice to help them by volunteering part of our time. Our church can show us how we can help. We can help support the organizations that our churches assist.

Many of our employers support local organizations. We can get involved with other employees who are also assisting.

We can reach out on our own to a local group. We can volunteer our time to support their work.

Many of our friends support local causes. We can tag along the next time they lend their support.

Love is an action.

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