My Young Teacher


Yesterday, I stood with my 11 year old nephew looking out at the Sydney Harbor. This is the view we were both looking out upon.

He was quiet. I asked if he was ok.

He said I am ok. I am deep in thought.

I learned a lot from an 11 year old.

He simply allowed himself to do the following:

Be silent.

Stand still – be motionless




Be expressionless – be open to his emotions



Children are often the best teachers of contemplation.

What else will he teach me?

I was the student and he was my teacher.

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  1. To think I’m the student needing a teacher is but one way to look at a multidimensional classroom. At times I am the student very much needing guidance, but perhaps in the very next moment, I’m poised to be a teacher. Oh the things I’m used to teach, based off of my level of awareness. The student at times will not even be aware he is being taught. On the other hand, will the teacher know he’s teaching? Yes, life is a classroom, but do we notice. What is it I’m teaching through my example, and what am I learning from yours? I have a role as the whole and it always matters what I think, say and do. When paying attention to the connection going on, the role I’m playing is secondary. How prepared I am to wear the new shoes given me is what takes precedence… via a caring heart.

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