The Present


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment
– Buddha

As I think about this statement, I think about how it might apply when I am in different settings.

When I am at work, it will help me focus on the tasks that need to get completed.

When I am with family and friends, I will simply enjoy my time together with these special people.

Worry is eliminated. Worry is in the future. I do not live in the future. I live in the present.

When I am setting goals, one might say I am dreaming. During this time I am ok with being in the future. When my thoughts turn to worry, I simply bring myself back to the present.

When I am listening to music, I like to let my mind wander. I move from the past to the present to the future. If I worry, I come back to the present. If I dwell on difficult past emotions, I let these difficult emotions pass and slowly bring myself back to the present.

In summary:

Let the difficult past emotions pass.

There is no need to worry. One might say it really does not exist.

All that remains is the present.

Breathe, enjoy, embrace this moment.

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