We Are All Connected


I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. I like to wear Pitt hats, sweatshirts and t shirts. I always seem to come across another wearing their Pitt gear. We often seem to stop, talk and share our experiences.

Just recently in Manhattan Beach California, I came across a 1960 Pitt graduate. I am a 1988 Pitt graduate. We discussed Pitt football. We talked about the recent bowl game victory. We shook hands. We laughed.

This made me think about why we connect with others.

We all long to be connected with others.

If we travel abroad and encounter an American, we are excited. We talk. What state are you from? How long will you be visiting? What do you plan on seeing? We feel a connection.

If we come across another who graduated from the same college or university, we chat. What year did you graduate? We exchange stories and memories. We feel a connection.

If we meet another who also works at our company, we talk. What part of the company do you work in? How long have you worked at our company? We feel a connection.

We join clubs or groups. We hold a common interest. We share our interests with each other. We learn from each other. We feel a connection.

Why can’t we connect with everyone we come across? What do all of us have in common? We all have love inside of us. Why can’t we peel away all the prejudices we have until all that is left is love? Why can’t we allow ourselves to share this love with others? Why can’t we allow ourselves to receive this love from others?

Imagine how different the world would be if we connected based upon love.

What do you think?

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