Change Your Perspective


Change Your Perspective

The other day we were riding a bus tour through the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. We sat on the upper level of the tour bus exposed to the fresh air of this city. It was a nice and quite different perspective from which to view this wonderful city. This is a picture from atop of the bus.

This perspective gave us an opportunity to see a greater width of the city. We had a closer look at the detailed architecture of the buildings. We felt the soft wind cool us off. We heard the varied noises of the city – people talking, music playing, engines of buses, trucks, cars and trains. We smelled the aromas in the air – ocean, food, vehicle emissions. Overall we experienced more of the beauty of this city utilizing our five senses.

This made me think a little bit more about perspective and how we can make changes in our everyday daily life to see and experience things we perhaps have never noticed before.

Here are some thoughts.

When you spend time with children if you really want to connect with them vary the perspective from which you interact with them. Get down at their level. Connect eye to eye. Sit on the floor. Silence yourself and just listen. Sit higher up, perhaps on a stool. Enjoy the connection and the different perspectives.

When you are with a friend watch them do something that they enjoy. Perhaps they play a sport. Watch them compete. Perhaps they are a musician. Watch them perform. Perhaps they speak. Watch them in this setting. Have them show you a creative work that they are most proud of – art, writing, recipe. You will learn something new about them.

We are creatures of habit. Create variation in your daily life. Experience something new each day. Here are some suggestions.

Take a new way to work.

Taste a new food.

Drink a new beverage.

Wear a new type of clothing

Change the way you style your hair.

Eat at a new restaurant.

Visit a new park.

Attend a church service of a much different faith.

Enjoy your new found perspective. Practice finding new perspectives each day.
Keep life fresh.

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