Allow God


“The unknowability of God really points to the endless richness of God, a source of endless wonder and contemplation.” Andrew Louth

Begin each day asking God questions.

Perhaps start with these four questions. If this is too many, ask only one.

Who are You?
Where are You?
What are You?
Who am I?

Ask Him to reveal to you today just a little more insight to one or more of these questions.

At the end of the day, reflect. What did you experience today that provided just a little more insight into answering these questions.

As you awake for another day, ask God these very questions again. Spend the rest of your life asking God these very questions. Allow Him to show you the answers.

It is ok to set daily goals and long term goals. However, too often we strive to accomplish our goals. Striving hinders the process. Begin each day by allowing the goals to be found. Allow yourself to complete what needs to be done today. Let solutions and answers come to you.

Ask God.
Allow God.
Experience God

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