This is a picture I took at Phillip Island, Australia. The waves gently rolled in. Where the waves touched the beach, the water took upon the appearance of a delicate foam. It was gentle. It was soothing. It was peaceful. It was quite tranquil. It was simply beautiful.

Let’s explore how we can relate this scene to goals we set during our lives. Do you have goals? What are your short term and long term goals? How will you achieve your goals?

There are two paths that one can take to accomplish his goals.

One can fight for them. One can actively seek them. One can be a relentless predator. However, this seems much too tiring and stressful. Will one miss that one grand opportunity as it quietly flows by, unnoticed?

There is a much easier path. Be open and present to what is gently flowing to you. If it will aid you, explore what it has to offer. If you find it is of no assistance, let it flow back out and wait for the next tranquil wave of opportunity.

Infinite opportunities will naturally flow to you.
Be open.
Be present.
Be ready.
Let life come to you.

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