What Do You Need To Wipe Out From Your Life?


Seven days from now I will make the rains pour down on the earth. And it will rain for forty days and forty nights, until I have wiped from the earth all the living things I have created.”
-Genesis 7:4

When I read this story, I don’t worry about whether it was true or not. I want to understand what important message do I need to take from this story. What do I personally need to wipe out from my life?

When I look at it this way, there are many things that I need to wipe out from my life. This is certainly not an all inclusive list but the following is a good start: hatred, jealousy, envy, greed, selfishness, prejudice, anger, fear, depression, loneliness, worry.

When I find myself feeling these emotions, I simply need to acknowledge them but then let them pass. If I find that I cannot let them pass, then I need to replace them. I need to replace them with love, kindness, compassion, contentment, gratitude, laughter, friendship.

What do you need to wipe out from your life?

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