How Do You Read The Bible?

How Do You Read The Bible?

This marvelous anthology of books and letters called the Bible is all for the sake of astonishment! It’s for divine transformation (theosis), not intellectual or ” small-self” coziness.
-Richard Rohr

How do you approach reading the Bible? Are you reading it to obtain historical information? Are you reading it to feed your mind with facts? I suggest a different way to read this great book called the Bible. What if you read it with the purpose of being awakened? What if you read it with the intention of receiving a powerful, transformative, inner experience?

I suggest as you prepare to read the Bible that you ask God to astonish you. Ask Him to open up a whole new world to you. Ask Him to turn your current world upside down. Ask Him to let you see things that you have never seen before. Ask Him to invite you to change the way you think about how you should be living and conducting yourself in this world.

Let yourself experience the words on these very pages. What is God personally trying to convey to you? Where are its stories leading to? Let God’s powerful message of love shine through. Let God’s key themes burst forth. This will be a life long experience. Enjoy and embrace this journey.

Be astonished.

Be transformed.

Experience God.

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