The Best Seat In Church

The Best Seat In Church

I love sitting in the back row at church. It is the best seat in the house or should I say church. I like to watch. I like to listen.

The kids on the other side are dancing and jumping to the music. They are having a blast. They are full of smiles.

A few kids are sitting in the narthex playing their handheld electronic games.

People are talking and sharing thoughts. Some are holding hands. Some have their arms around each other.

I watch a few people walk out and walk back in.

A few people are singing with their arms raised. They are singing to their God.

I see people clapping to the beat of the music. They are enjoying the music.

A few people have their heads bowed. They are praying to their God.

People are laughing and enjoying themself. The spirit is moving them.

I see people crying. They are asking their God to help them.

People are sharing joys and concerns during the prayer portion. I see everyone compassionately listening to one another.

Love is in the air. Love for God. Love for each other. Love for life.

I love the back row.

I think I will continue to sit in the back row.

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