How Do You Love God?

How Do You Love God?

Most people in my experience are still into fearing God and controlling God instead of loving God.
– Richard Rohr

God first loved us. Will you love Him back?

I will admit it. Many years ago, I too feared God. I worried if how I was living my life was honoring Him. I sat down each night and dictated my wants to Him. Looking back, I now realize that I was not happy. I was not at peace. I was way too stressed. I am glad I grew out of it. I guess I needed to experience this before I moved on.

I am glad I decided to just love God. I am certain this will continue to evolve for me. I will let it evolve. For now I love God in a few ways. Let me share them below.

Tell Him – I tell Him I love Him and appreciate all He has provided. I do this throughout each day.

Sit with Him – I sit in silence with Him. I try to do this each night. I am not always successful but usually hit each night. I will speak a short bible verse or any other short statement. I will then sit in silence and wait. I let my thoughts just pass. I will sit like this for 5-10 minutes. I don’t time it. When I am feeling very peaceful, I sit for a few more minutes before ending my time.

Ask Him – Each day I ask Him to show me what it is He wants me to accomplish. Together we plan the day.

Wait – When I ask Him to help me to make a decision, I release it to Him and then I wait. When I feel at peace with an answer I move forward.

Love others – I love Him when I love others. I love others by listening to them. I love others by performing a kind act. I love others by calling them or sending them a short note. I love others by lending them a helping hand. I love others by volunteering my time.

This is but a very short list. I will keep asking God how can I best love Him.

How do you love God?

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