Thus I think prayer and suffering are the two primary paths of transformation.
– Richard Rohr

Prayer and suffering are a gateway to transformation.

We don’t like to suffer mentally or physically. However, suffering will often reveal a new world to you if you allow yourself to be open to this experience. At the conclusion of the suffering period, we will often discover that we are a new person. We have a new perspective. We no longer will allow this type of suffering to bother us again because we no longer think of it as suffering. We make major changes to the way we live our lives from this point forward. You might say we are awakened to our new reality.

Prayer also is a path to transformation. We sit before God and verbally or mentally pray. We begin the transformation process when we decide to be silent and listen. It is time to wait. If initially we do not receive any insight that is ok. Continue with your day. At any point during or even not during prayer, be open to that “ah ha”moment. This is the moment when we feel God has just told us something. What is this something? It just might be a transformation that God wants to make in your life.

Father, I trust you. I do not want to suffer but I trust that this experience will awaken and transform me. Please show me when I need to be silent. For when I am silent I am listening to you. I am listening for the transformation and awakening that you are trying to stir within me. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Transformation”

  1. We can learn from suffering, the hard knocks in life.
    Silence, gives the mind time to calm and understand.
    God speaks to those who pray and to those that meditate.
    It is the still silence that allows wisdom to enter our being.

    1. I like your last sentence – It is the still silence that allows wisdom to enter our being. I have learned this over the years. Just be silent. Don’t take immediate action. Many times things resolve themselves without any action by me.

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