Why Am I Here?


What am I really here to accomplish?

Am I a husband?

Am I a father?

Am I what I do at work during the day?

Am I the things I do as part of my church community?

Am I just someone who likes to read and write?

Am I someone who likes college football?

Am I someone who likes grinding beans and making French press coffee?

Am I someone who prays?

These are all things I enjoy being or doing.

Are they all part of a bigger thing?

What is this bigger thing?

It is God.

God is in everything.

God is saying I want you to do these things.

I want you to experience these things and much, much more.

When you live life you experience Me.

When you live life unafraid to do and see new things you experience Me.

Why am I here?

I am here to experience God.

But really more than experience God.

I am here to live in loving union with God.

God is in each one of these things.

God and I connect in love when I do these things.

God is love.

God’s love is a verb and is constantly in action.

I want to be loved by God.

I want God’s love to flow out of me.

This is what I am here to accomplish.

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