Daily Marching Orders


Let us learn from Christ how to pray, to forgive, to sow peace, and to be near those in need.
– Pope Francis

Wonderful marching orders!

We are to come to our Father and pray. We can pray with words of praise, thanksgiving, inquiry, lament, intercession, complaint. We can sit in silence with Him. He is a God who listens. He is a God who will sit with us.

We are to forgive others. Just as we want others to forgive us, we are to forgive others. To be honest, it is just too tiring to hold grudges. Let’s use this energy to sow peace. Let’s use this energy to help those in need.

We are to sow peace. We are all divine beings made in God’s image. We are all connected. We need to stop judging each other because of our differences and celebrate our diversity. Exclusion needs to go and inclusion needs to replace it.

We are to be near those in need. Lend someone a listening ear. Share your special skill with someone who will benefit from it. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Donate food and clothing to a local charity. Talk to someone who is sitting by himself.

There you have it. It is not really that difficult. Pick one or more. Do them each day.

Let Jesus teach you.

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  1. Wonderful suggestions from Pope Francis! Rich, what you list are some of simple, straight-forward, kind ways to be of service. I have more at my blog, ayearofbeingkind.wordpress.com – I’d love to have you stop by! Sign up on my blog for 40 Days & Ways to Be Kind: a Lenten Calendar of Service.

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