We Are All Mystics


The Christian of the future will be a mystic or he will not exist at all.
-Karl Rahner

A mystic is simply one who loves God. A mystic is someone who wants to experience union with God. Union with God is experienced during verbal prayer. Union with God is experienced by silently sitting in God’s presence. This in itself is a paradox since there is no where that God is not. We are always in God’s presence. In fact, God is within each of us.

As the love of God fills your soul, the natural reaction is to let this love flow out of you. God is a verb. God is love. Love must be in action. Love flows out of you in the form of compassion and kindness toward others. This love does not discriminate. It is simply in action.

It is really a beautiful cycle. We love God. We share this love with others. Don’t let the word mystic scare you. We are all mystics. Jesus was a mystic. Jesus spent time in solitude with His Father. Jesus spent time being kind and compassionate toward others. Jesus invites all of us to be mystics.

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