What is the Incarnation?


What is the incarnation? What does it mean to me? How does it impact who I am? How does it impact how I conduct my life?

The incarnation was God coming to live on earth in human form – Jesus. He did this 2000 years ago. Of course God revealed himself much, much before this. He did this with the Big Bang almost 14.5 billion years ago.

God chose to reveal himself in human form so we could have a relationship with him. Through Jesus we learn how to be human. We learn how to love. We learn how to be compassionate. We learn how to live on this earth with others. We learn to love God, others and yes, even ourselves. We learn that God loves us. We learn that he will never stop loving us. We learn how to love God.

None of this is forced upon us. That is why it is love. We are freely given love. It is up to each one of us to freely give others love. It is up to each one of us to love ourselves.

What is the incarnation?

It is God revealing His love to each one of us. It is God reminding us that within each one of us is Him. He is within, waiting to be expressed as love. Love that is in constant motion from Him to us, from us to others, from us to Him – a never ending cycle.

2 thoughts on “What is the Incarnation?”

  1. I just love your take on Christianity!! I just want to go on listening and listening to you! If you were a minister in a church I would just attend all your services very eagerly! You are so wise! I really admire your insight! Thank you for teaching me so many things! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I simply love to read the Bible, listen to my pastor, read books, listen and read what others have to say, pray aloud and silently sit with God by quieting my thoughts. I try to write down what today my experience of God is. I only hope I remain open to letting God lead me to what else he wants to reveal to me wherever and whatever it is through all people, places, events and experiences.

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