If you came out of somewhere then you had to be somewhere before you came. ………..As well as having an “afterwards” every person has a “before”.

I read these sentences in the book Eternal Echoes by John O’Donohue. Before I continue reading I thought I would stop and think about this and then compare it to what I will read.

I can honestly say I have never thought about this statement. I never thought about what was my “before”. Here goes.

Who I am is not my body. I know that because as I understand it my cells die and new ones replace them at least a handful or more times over my life. My body replaces itself multiple times over my life.

Who I am and how I think is often hidden from others until I have the courage to simply speak and act on what I truly feel and want to do. I am not me when I do what others want me to do. I am not me when I do what I think I should do. I am only me when I act in accordance with what my inner nudges tell me to do. For me, my inner nudges are God. I cannot explain it but simply know it is God nudging me when it feels right. I have an inner peace about it. I might still be nervous about it but the inner peace is still there.

Before my being born experience I believe that I came from God and will also return to God. Or, perhaps I am not really returning to God. Maybe I am continuing to evolve. I am evolving in my understanding of my connection to my source, God. I evolve as I remain open to His presence and my connection to others who also come from Him. I do not need a body to be connected to God. As far as I know God does not have a body. He is simply a presence. He is a presence that is all over and is continuously creating.

My before bodily existence was in God. My bodily birth was God releasing me to this world but still wanting me to be connected to Him. Death or what I will call my after this bodily experience will be a continued connection to God. It will just be in a new way that I will not understand till I come upon that day.

Rather than worry about where I came from, more importantly, I should focus on where I am going. For me I want to remain connected to God and others. I want to let Him take me where I need to go. I want to have an open mind. I want to have a non dual mind. I want to have a mind that is open to all experiences and withholds judgment. When I practice judgement, I miss out on what might be a wonderful experience.

I came from Him. I live connected to Him. I die into Him. It really does not matter. All will be ok.

Where do we come from? Where are we going? What do you think?

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