How Will You Experience the Beauty of God?


In my May 1 post I challenged myself to ask God the following question: How can Your beauty overwhelm me?

Here are my experiences in no particular order.

– The innocence of all three of my children while they sleep. They are 6, 12 and 17 years of age.

– Enjoying my French press coffee that I make each morning

– Sharing my French press coffee with peers at work on Friday afternoons

– Looking at the clouds in the sky each day

– Enjoying my dog who wants to play each day

– When my 6 year old son spontaneously comes up to me and starts tickling me

– When I stop worrying

– Walking the dog at night with my daughter

– When someone shares something about themselves that I never knew

– Beautiful fields of trees

– When I reserve judgement and simply accept things

– Music

– Books

– Walking in nature

– Exploring a new town or city on foot with my family

– When I push my six yr old son on our swing set

– Talking with my older son while driving him to and from his friends.

– Kindergarten kids singing songs for their spring concert

What did I learn from this experience? I learned that God wants me to experience Him with all of my senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing. I think I will continue to ask myself this very question each morning and let God take me where I need to go.

How will you experience the beauty of God?

2 thoughts on “How Will You Experience the Beauty of God?”

  1. How do I experience the beauty if God?…..In a rivulet, tickling the grassy banks on its way through the deep forest, in a snow-clad mountain towering majestically over the city, burning in bright yellow and gold in the sunset, in the first flower of spring, shyly opening its newborn petals towards the warmth of the april sun, in the roaring blue ocean, casting its white wild horses towards the nude sandy beaches, in the smile of a little girl happily touching the soft coat of a newborn kitten, in the smiling eyes of a young man, gracefully giving up his seat on the bus to an elderly lady, in the folded hands of a young woman kneeling in prayer, sending her wishes and dreams up to heaven, in a baby’s laugh, in a mother’s proud smile, and in every dancing leaf and every act of unselfish kindness.

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