Sit with God


I have been practicing centering prayer for a few months now. This practice has helped me better understand who God is. Of course what I think I know is most likely a mere sliver of what He really is. Centering prayer is a practice that leads to contemplative prayer.

For me, right now God is a presence. I simply want to sit with Him. I simply want to ask Him questions and wait. Here is what I think I have been hearing:

I am always with you.

My peace is always with you.

I am in everything – people, earth, trees, mountains, waters.

I love you.

Be present wherever you are. Listen and observe. Use all of your senses.

Love others. Do not judge.

Keep sitting with Me.

Keep asking Me questions and wait for the answers.

And so I will keep sitting with Him.

Will you silently sit with God?

3 thoughts on “Sit with God”

  1. Always do 🙂 That Presence sustains me and keep me going. I am not a huge believer of rituals but gratitude and remembrance of what is. Thank you for the beautiful reminder, it was a lovely read. All my best wishes 🙂

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