Let Your Soul Soar


I recently read in the book Anam Cara by John O’Donohue that the soul is not in the body. The body is in the soul. John O’Donohue talked about letting the soul take us to places the mind and ego cannot. The soul will take us on adventures that the mind and ego cannot even fathom.

God is within our souls. We need to trust our souls. It is in trusting our souls that we will be open to the full experience of life that God wants to bring us.

How do we trust? We let go. We surrender to God when we end each prayer with the simple but powerful word – amen. We try something new despite being nervous about it. We learn to think in a nondual manner. This means there is no right or wrong way. It just is. We let ourselves be open to life, people, events, experiences with no judgement.

Practice surrender to God each day.

And then, let your soul soar.

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