Consent to God’s ACTION in You


During the time of prayer we consent to God’s presence and action within.
– Thomas Keating

What does it mean to consent to Gods presence and action within?

As I practice centering prayer and detach from my thoughts and emotions, I realize that it only takes a mere second or less for God to take ACTION within me. (I am detached when I am in the spaces between my thoughts and emotions.)

What ACTION is God taking?

Truthfully, I do not know. I only know my job is to be patient. My job is to let it be revealed by God when God is ready.

During centering prayer my job is to DETACH. When I detach, I let more and more of God in. What is coming in? I will leave that to God. God knows what I need. God also knows when it needs to come out as ACTION in my daily life.

I will simply repeat this pattern.

DETACH. (During Centering Prayer)

Let God’s ACTION in. (During Centering Prayer)

Let God’s ACTION in me come out during my daily life.

Are you consenting to God’s ACTION in you?

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