What-or where- is heaven?


The below is short piece from my 13 year old daughter, Gabriella Lewis.

What-or where- is heaven?

What-or where- is heaven? The answer is simple. Heaven is a place where the Great Lord lives. Heaven is a place where angels sing and there are magnificent buildings and where every soul lives after the life he or she has been given.

Life is a dream.

Life is like a dream. Anything can happen and when you sleep, you see what God wants you to know or see. That is another way you can be answered if you ask a question or pray something to God.

Is heaven in our dimension?

Heaven is its own place. Some call it a dimension. Some call it a place where it is everywhere and nowhere. In itself, it is simply in a place where we can’t see while we are on Earth and have a mortal soul.

Heaven is in us. Heaven is with us. And so is God.

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