We Are Both Human and Divine


Jesus is at once both human and God.

It is a beautiful paradox.

We too are both human and divine.

We are not God.

However, we do possess an inner divinity at our core.

Let’s call it our little ‘d’.

We are most human when we let go and act from our inner divinity.

Centering prayer helps us connect to our inner divinity.

During centering prayer we let go of our humanity.

We enter into the rest of God.

We connect our inner divinity, the little ‘d’ with the Big ‘D’.

We become One.

We enter Divine Union.

During our non silent parts of the day, our small ‘d’ yearns for expression.

It is best expressed when we allow ourselves to be fully human.

It is a wonderful mystery.

We are fully human when we are fully divine.

Celebrate and honor both parts.

Let them work together to make them who you are.

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