Monster Hugs and Will You Sit With Me

Yes.  This is an odd title. Let me tell you where it came from. They are both two different phrases that I hear my seven year old son often speak. 

A monster hug is what my son gives me. He walks over to me and says, “Daddy, I am going to give you a monster hug.”  He then proceeds to wrap both arms around me and hug me, while at the same time yelling, “Monster Hug!”

Now let me explain the phrase, “Will you sit with me?” Everyday, when I come home from work, my son greets me and says, “Will you sit with me?”  He simply wants me to sit on the family room couch and spend some time with him. Sometimes we don’t even talk.  He just wants to know that I am in the room and that we are together. 

There you have it – Monster Hugs and Will You Sit With Me. 

I also think God is like this. During centering prayer, we are responding to God. God is asking us, “Will you sit with me?”  No words need to be spoken. We simply spend time with God. We let God love us.  We let God give us a giant monster hug. 

6 thoughts on “Monster Hugs and Will You Sit With Me”

  1. I agree. .sometimes sitting in a quiet place meditating on God is enough.. I have had times when I was hurting so bad and I couldn’t say a word. I would just sit in his presence and he still made me feel better. Great post

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