The Silent Work Of God

Centering prayer is a continuous practice of trusting God who is in the silence awaiting us. It teaches us to let go. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable. During centering prayer God heals our body, mind and soul. During centering prayer God works in us. God will fill us with whatever she desires.

We might be filled with love, peace, or mental and physical healing. We might receive sudden needed knowledge to accomplish our daily tasks. We might be moved with an urge to serve. We might be challenged to make a major change in our personal or work lives. We might be nudged to try something new even if it scares us. We might be asked to repair a broken relationship. We might be led to contact someone who is hurting and needs a hug or listening ear.

I believe that it is important to incorporate silence into our day. Silence is a time when we let go. Silence is a time when we trust God. Silence is a time when we let God work in us.

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