What is the Good News? 

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I am currently reading N.T. Wright’s newest book, “Simply Good News:  Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good.”

Two sentences within this book jump right out at me. I share them below.

“We need, I suggest, to ask afresh: What is the good news that Jesus himself announced and told his followers to announce as well?”

As I move into another chapter, I find the below sentence.

The kingdom of God, Jesus declared, runs on love. That is the good news.”

Yes, there are other things being said in this book, however, these two sentences seem to grab my attention.

I think we try to make following Jesus too complicated.  It is not a ‘I believe and I receive statement’.  It is not ‘I do works and I am rewarded’.  It is not ‘I am in and you are out’.

Actually, it is rather simple. It is all about running on love. It is about loving God. It is about loving others. And yes, it is even about loving ourselves. And the really good news is that we are all included.

That is it. We do not need to make it any more complicated.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “What is the Good News? ”

    1. Thanks for reading. Agree it is not easy. Centering prayer helps ground me. Each person needs to find what grounds them. It will be unique for each person.

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