The Energy of Life


It is Saturday, April 18. It is noon. I am playing in the cul de sac with two of my children. Josh (7) is riding his bike. Gabbie (13) and I are bouncing a rubber ball back and forth between us.

I estimate this moment lasts five minutes.

Suddenly, all of my surroundings are brighter, sharper, clearer. The energy of Life infuses everything. A gentle breeze brushes across my skin. The sky is a most beautiful, light blue color.

Josh smiles each time he rides his bike past me. Pure joy radiates from him. Gabbie is very happy. Her face holds endless smiles. Gabbie continues talking to me while we enjoy catching and throwing the ball.

I am calm. I am at peace. I am more present than I have ever felt before. I am not reflecting on the past. I am not planning upcoming events in my mind.  I am not worrying about the future.  I am just being with Being. I am full of God. I am surrounded by God. I know all is going to be ok.

Then this moment ends. I am back. I did not ask to be placed into this realm. I did not ask to be removed from this realm. It just happened. For now, I will wait. I will wait with a posture of openness to the eternal revelation of God’s presence.

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