The Gift of God


I am re reading David Frenette’s book, “The Path of Centering Prayer”. I am re reading his book to deepen my practice. I have been practicing centering prayer since June 1, 2014. I consider myself a beginner. I begin each session with a beginner’s mind.

In Part 2 of his book, David discusses contemplative attitudes and how they can assist your centering prayer practice. As I was reading the chapter titled, “Consent and Giving God Consent to Act in You”, I came across the following comment.

“God’s discovery of Godself in you is a gift unfolding, like a flower that opens on its own, drawn forth by a light you can do nothing to produce or control.”

This is why I “show up”. For me, centering prayer is a daily practice of showing up. We simply say, “Here I am again God, show me who You are.”

We ask God to unfold from within. During centering prayer I try my best to “let go”. I try my best to “let be”. I try my best to forget me and float in God. I try my best to just stop trying.

When I stop trying, I am most open to allowing God to unfold. When God unfolds, the Divine Spirit will act in me.

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