The Jesus Paradox


Jesus is equally human and Divine. Amos Smith refers to this as the Jesus Paradox in his book, “Healing the Divide”. Centering prayer helps us open to the mystery and beauty of this paradox. To the human mind it simply does not make sense. How can Jesus be both human and God at once? Jesus is either God or he is human. How can Jesus be both?

Centering prayer is an exercise in letting go. We let go of understanding this paradox. We let go of our desire to understand this paradox. We let go of unnecessary debates and arguments over this paradox. We make a decision that not knowing is ok. We dive fully into the Jesus Paradox.

When we let go, we open to a new world. We no longer feel the need to judge others. We no longer feel the need to force our opinion on others. We learn how to be present and listen to others. We begin to see that we are all God’s children. We now want to celebrate the diversity of God’s children.

We see Life for what it is. We learn to let things just be. We see things we never noticed before. We learn to appreciate the natural beauty in all of Life. We experience Life as it is meant to be: abundant, alive, joyful, rich, vibrant.

The Jesus Paradox teaches us how to live. The Jesus Paradox will continue to teach us how to live. Embrace the Jesus Paradox! Experience Life!

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