“Show Up”


Centering prayer is a practice that facilitates the movement from “letting go” to “letting be”. We let ourselves “be” with God. Centering prayer is a practice. It is a discipline. We must do it every day. “To stop meditating is like shutting down a power station that keeps a whole society connected and active”. Laurence Freeman makes this very important point. This is why we must show up each and every day.

Or as Irvin Boudreaux states, “Our hope lies in the fact that meditation is going to change the society that we live in, just as it has changed us.” Centering prayer is not a sprint. It is a marathon. If we are faithful to our practice, our practice will be faithful to us. Our job is to show up each day. Our job is to show up two to three times per day and sit with God. Our job is to sit with God and let God work in us.

Each time we sit is another opportunity for God to take action within us. Our job is to simply trust God and keep showing up. Our job is to show up, let go, and open to God. God will do the rest. God will loosen our minds. God will help us keep the doors of our mind open.

God will show us new worlds we have yet to journey into. God will not force us to show up. We have to listen to the desire that God has planted within us. As our body needs rest, our mind needs solitude and stillness. Our mind needs to drop into our heart and rest with God who is within our soul.

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