My True Self



Who is my true self? My true self is calm, content and unafraid. It is filled with Life. It is loved by God.

Being my true self is very difficult. Richard Rohr states that we have to fall into our True Self. “In letting go of your shame, guilt, and powerlessness, you do not lose yourself, but fall into your foundational and grounded self. This is your True Self, or divine self in God, which now stands revealed, substantial, and infinite—as you- your own unique amalgam of quite ordinary humanity and divine DNA.”

Eugene Peterson says, “Self is the soul minus God.” I need to fall out of my “self” into my ‘True Self”.

I sit in silence to reconnect with my true self. Silence teaches me who I truly am. I am not the competing interior voices screaming for my attention.

Presently, I need to reconnect with my true self at least twice per day via my centering practice. It helps me reconnect. It helps me remember who I truly am. I am loved by God. God loves me just the way I am. I no longer need to feel anxious. That is not who I am. That is not who God sees when She gazes upon me. God sees her child with unique gifts and abilities that She has planted inside me. God is waiting for me to let them loose in the world for others and She to see.

My true self is the divine spark of Love within. It is filled with my unique gifts, humor and personality. It is who I am. Richard Rohr says my true self is indestructible. It cannot be embarrassed. It cannot be offended.

When my soul and body act in unison to let the light of Christ shine, I have freed my true self.

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