Is It Difficult To Get In A Second Sit


I continue to make my way through the centering prayer questions I posed in my September 7th meditation. Here is the next question: Is it difficult to get a second centering prayer sit in during the day?

My answer is no. However, I realize that for many it is. Let me offer some suggestions.

First, I recommend that your first centering prayer sit take place in the morning. Try to sit before you start your day. I do not think you will regret it. It will become part of your morning routine. It is you and God together partnering to begin each day.

I believe it is extremely important to get a second sit in each day too. This sit will reconnect you with God. It will ground you in God. It will re center you and help you continue to perform your daily tasks. You will find that it slows you down but paradoxically you become more productive. You will calmly, one by one, work your way through the rest of the day’s tasks. Agreed, it is difficult to schedule this sit, but once you do, it will become part of your daily routine and it will make you feel whole.

I suggest that your second sit be performed in the mid afternoon. Try to find a private place with little or no distractions. For example, during the work day, I am able to leave my desk and escape to my car. As long as it is not too cold or too hot, I will center in my car. If I am not able to do an afternoon sit, I simply sit at home, in the evening between 8-9 pm. (I escape to the basement and sit on a couch. Notice I didn’t say lay on the couch.) You will figure out what time works best for you if an afternoon sit is not doable but please do make time for it.

Do not underestimate the power of a second sit. It is a terrific way to split up your day. Most importantly, you are taking the time to slow down and reconnect with God. You are letting God pray in you. You are letting God act in you. You are letting yourself become more and more the person God wants you to be.

Next week, I will respond to the question: Do You Have a Special Place Designated As Your Centering Place?

2 thoughts on “Is It Difficult To Get In A Second Sit”

  1. I notice your comment about sitting and not lying down. I wonder if this is because of how late it is and the fact that you might be tired or if you recommend against lying down for some other reason. As I’ve mentioned, I am still working toward making a lasting practice out of centering. I generally do my first (and admittedly sometimes only) session of the day in my office chair. If I get a second one in, I sometimes lie on the couch or bed. I’ve found that I am less distracted by physical sensations if I’m laying down. I think this is because my whole body is feeling the same thing (i.e., the pressure of the couch) rather than a variety of different sensations. Would love to have your input on this.

    1. Mari- My lying down comment was meant as a joke meaning not to fall asleep as part of centering prayer. I think it is ok to lie down in the manner you are stating. It is clear that your intent is to deepen your centering prayer practice. I think we should feel free to vary how we practice and where we practice. So, continue lying down if that is what you need to do. At one point I had a pinched nerve in my neck that was bothering me. I had to lie down as part of my practice because sitting was not comfortable. I think God will meet us whether we are standing, sitting or lying down.

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