Where Do You Center


In the morning, I make my way to the basement. I sit on a couch. It is here that I center before I start my day. It is nothing fancy. As the weather gets cooler, I do cover myself with a blanket while I center. (It is not for the purpose of taking a nap.)

During the work day, my second sit is in my car. As long as the weather permits it is here that I practice my second sit. It is my afternoon sit. I usually sit anytime between two and four in the afternoon. If I am not able to sit in the afternoon, I will again make my way to the basement at my home and sit on the couch. Often, my 14 year old daughter joins me for this sit. Even if I have gotten in my afternoon sit, my daughter and I sit in the evening too. It is generally between eight and nine pm when we do so. Together we center and then we spend some time together to just chill with each other. If you have a child, I encourage you to share your practice with them. Often, you will find they are curious. They want to know what is this centering prayer that you are doing? My seven year old son has not joined me yet but often says to me, “Dad, are you going to do your CP?”

Let me also suggest that you vary where to sit. Once in a while I do my evening sit in my backyard on a lawn chair. If I am taking a bike ride, I will sit on a bench that is part of the bike trail. It is usually easy to find a private spot. I highly encourage you to mix it up. This might mean in a park, in your backyard, in your car or even in a different room within your home. If you are traveling, you will not have a choice. While traveling I have centered in a moving car, in a hotel room, or outside in a pool area. God will meet you wherever you are at.

Next week I will answer the question: What do you do as you transition from your sit to getting on with your day?

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