Be Still And Know That I Am God


I have been speaking this verse to myself for years. (Psalm 46: 10). This verse’s meaning has continued to evolve for me. When I first began reciting this verse, I did not know what it was saying to me. I thought to myself, of course You are God. So what. What does this mean? What are You trying to tell me?

​Then it became God telling me to just sit and rest in His (Her) presence. It stayed this way for a few years. I just didn’t know what to do with this. I knew there was more…So, I waited.

After a few more years, this verse changed to meaning “know that I am a divine being.” God is within me. Divine Mystery is not just out there, but is within me. God was always there. I just didn’t know it. So now what? What do I do with this meaning?

​Most recently, this verse has now evolved to mean just “know”. Know what? Know that God is always with me. God is now nudging me to move and take action. God wants me to move past fear and risk doing new things. God wants me to risk stretching my comfort zone. God wants me to move past the safe distance and trepidation, and to reach out a hand to help others. God wants me to take the risk of showing up and being who I am.

“Know” means God will walk side by side with me as I try something for the first time. God is within me, partnering with me to push all limits wherever they might be in my personal life, family life, faith journey and career.


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