What Is God?


God is like Jesus.

God is Mystery.

God is the Holy Spirit.

God is our Father.

God is our Mother.

There is no where that God is not.

God is ever creating.

God is a constant outpouring of love.

We are the eyes, ears, hands and feet of God.

God is both within and outside of all that is.

God is existence.

God is the ground of all being.

God is love.

God is within each one of us.

We all live and move and have our being in God.

God loves us.

We cannot know God.

We best know God when we try not to know God.

If you quiet yourself, God will speak to you.

Emotions, thoughts, words limit God. That is why we let them go.

The bottom line is that we cannot define God! We can only open to God.

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