What Is This Non-dual Thinking?

What is this non-dual thinking? It confuses people. Most people have not heard of this term or if they have, they do not know what it means. I too initially had a hard time putting my arms around it. I still do I will admit. The reason I continue to struggle is because my thinking during the day is probably not non-dual thinking. Because my thinking is not non-dual, my actions are also not non-dual. I struggle to maintain a non-dual posture. I struggle because this is not the world we live in.

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We live in a competitive world. It is a world where I must succeed. I must show what I can do. I must show what I can accomplish. I must outperform my coworker if I want that new position. I must outperform my coworker if I want a better raise or bonus. We live in a world where it seems that the mantra is “compete”.

What if there is another way? What if there really is enough for everyone? What if there really is no separation between God and humans? What if there really is no separation between humans? What if I can learn to see from another person’s perspective? Anger is sometimes an outcome of dual thinking. Someone is doing something different than how I prefer to do so.

Maybe my opinion is not the only opinion that there needs to be. Maybe my way to do things is not the only way. Maybe there are other ways to think and do things. Why does there have to be a right and wrong way to think about things? Why does there have to be a right and wrong way to do things? There is a new way. There really is no need to compare, compete, divide, judge, split the field. It is just too tiring.

We need to move beyond this way of thinking. We need to say “yes” to everything! Richard Rohr reminds us that “We in the West are naturally educated in dualistic thinking, so much that we call it “thinking.” We need to break through this dualistic thinking barrier! It is so limited! It is really tunnel vision. We need to put on a new lens. We need to widen our lenses so we can see the world how it really is. We need to view the world from a panoramic perspective. Our dualistic thinking and seeing causes us to miss real beauty that only the Creator has provided.

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