We Are Both divine and Human!

The incarnation is proof of unity. The eternal and the finite came together in Jesus. In each one of us the eternal and the finite come together. We just do not let the two meet. Our inner divinity and our humanity are one. That is who we are. They both need each other. Our humanity is best expressed as the outpour of our inner divinity.

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We are all at different stages. Some of us think we are only human. Some of us are at the other extreme. We think we are God. We think we are better than others. We need to compete. We need to prove ourselves. There is only enough for me.

When we learn how to let our inner divinity and our humanity meet, we get beautiful actions. We realize that we are in this life together with everyone else. We realize that we don’t need to compete. We don’t need to prove ourselves. There is enough for everyone. We simply need to express our inner divinity each day through our human actions.

Imagine what would happen if we share this revelation with others. Imagine if multitudes of people acted with this revelation. This world will change as more and more people realize that their inner divinity and humanity are not separate. They are one and together they are very powerful.

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