You Reach God By Going Within

I read the following quote in Tony Jones’ book “Did God Kill Jesus: Searching For Love In History’s Most Famous Execution“.

“While the Orthodox don’t necessarily reject that notion, they also firmly believe that God lives inside of us. We reach God by going within. Jesus came to reignite that spark of divinity within us.”

I will best learn who God is when I let God teach me. How will God teach me? When I sit with Jesus during my silent prayer practice, I connect to my inner divinity. I let God in me act through my outer human actions.

My human body is animated by the actions of the divine spark within. I cannot separate the two. They must meet. I am not fully human. I am not fully divine. I am both. They must act and work together.

Silent prayer unites my divinity and humanity. Alone, my humanity can do some terrible things. If I think I am God, I am really act from my ego. When I unite my divinity and humanity through silent prayer, I get beautiful, God inspired actions.

I must ignite this spark of the divine within if I truly want to use this human body compassionately, lovingly and responsibly in and for this world.

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